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The Cocktail and Imported Mexican Beer table talker has been created to promote the Cocktail Range and Imported Mexican Beers. 

The opt-in rate gives you access to use the creative, whether you would like to send it to your local printer or if you would like us to arrange printing for you. 

Please note the printing quote provided to the right is based on 20, the more stores that opt-in for printing, the lower the printing cost per store will be.


Opt-In Rate:


Printing Specs:

A4, folded into 3 panel table talker. Printed full colour 1 side on 300gsm matt laminated trimmed, creased in 3 places
taped, packed flat.

Printing Costs:

Based on one store only: Minimum quantity: 20
Cost: $155 +gst (excl. delivery)

If 5 store opt-in:
Quantity per store: 20
Cost per store: $53+gst (excl. delivery)

The printing cost will be updated based on the overall total printing that is required.  

If you would like to opt-in please complete the form below:

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