NZ's original gourmet burger gets a hi-tech makeover

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The Situation

Burger Wisconsin is a New Zealand institution, making simply better gourmet burgers since 1989.

Today Burger Wisconsin have 22 stores and continue to make a significant footprint on the New Zealand burger market - especially since they unlocked the power of online & mobile ordering.


The Challenge

A well-established brand and amazing burgers weren’t enough. Consumer behaviour, led by advancements in technology, had changed. Long lines and tied up phones were causing too many roadblocks, and Burger Wisconsin were losing customers to their competition.

The challenge was set: Remove the roadblocks identified.


“We had always thought people would be prepared to queue up and wait for a great product. This is not true of the modern consumer.”

Nick Rodgers, Field Service Representative, Burger Wisconsin.


The Solution

The Mobi2Go online ordering interface was seamlessly integrated into Burger Wisconsin’s existing website, matching their existing brand. iOS & Android mobile apps were also developed to let customers order while out and about.

Customers could now place, schedule and pay for their order online at their own convenience - wherever they were.


The Results

Following a smooth rollout and integration directly to each store's point-of-sale, the wait was over. Burger Wisconsin saw a significant increase in revenue, a reduction in phone orders and improved order flow in the kitchen - even with over 80 burger combinations available.  

Customers are now spending more per transaction online than in-store, and repeat purchases are higher for online and mobile ordering customers. Customer loyalty at Burger Wisconsin is now back to the good old days, and it was online ordering technology that helped them get there.

Mobi2Go and Burger Wisconsin are now working out even more ways to delight their customers and improve the ordering experience.